Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bombay Summer

Untitled - Rest in Peace!

Untiled was the probably the best of the 3 beers I have brewed so far.  The next one coming up is "Bombay Summer".  The name aptly suites the brewery (Desi) and its going to be fermenting while I am in Mumbai.  After the previous tasty brew, my expectation from the Bombay Summer are higher.

Bombay Summer is more or less a wheat beer with honey.  Though I was going to introduce bitter orange peal which seems to be my standard ingredient, this time I am going to cut back on it.  I am going to add coriander and honey. No more fruity flavors!

So here is the recipe. (4.5 Gal batch)

  • Ingredients 
    1. 4 lbs DME (55% Wheat, 45% Barley)
    2. 8 oz Maltose Dextrine.
    3. 1 can of Mr. Beer Pale Ale HME.
    4. 1 oz of coriander
    5. Belgian Witbier Yeast
    6. 1 oz of Hallertau Hops
    7. 2lbs of Honey
  • Process
         Desolve DME, Maltodextrin and honey and in 6 cups of drinking water.  Boil water and add 2 tsp of hops after 10 mins. Add another 2 tsp of hops and 6 oz of coriander after 30 mins of boiling.  Boil for another 15 mins and let it cool.  After the mixture has cooled down, bring the volume to 4.5 gallons by adding more water.  Mix in the yeast and store in the fermenters for 2 -3 week.

My Expections:

  • Full Bodied
  • 6-7% abv
  • Complex flavor.
  • Good relaxing summer beer.
Bottling Experience:
    Wow a complete month of fermenting and now the its bottled.  13 L of home brewed beer will be ready to be refrigerated in 2 weeks.  I have changed the amount of carbonating sugar so the beer may turn out a little flat. Oh well at least it wont turn out sweet like the previous ones.
    Notes to self: use LME instead of DME. 

    Stay tuned for tasting information and the next brew. 

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010



    Now that Clovey is out, my fermenter is going to be filled with a new kind of pilsner.  I am back to the books on this one.  I started with boiling light dry malt extract and maltodextrine in water and added hops after 10 mins.  Funny, the boiling mixture smells like pot!  Smells like pot, looks like pot, must be pot.  After a 30 min boil I added the main  liquid hopped malt extract.  I am writing this while I am waiting the mixture to cool and my yeast to be fully activated.

    Detailed Ingredients
    1. Maltodextrine 4 oz
    2. Dry Malt Extract 1/2 lb
    3. 2 tsp of Simcoe hopps (10 mins into boil)
    4. 2 tsp of bitter orange peel (20 mins into boil)
    5. 2 Cans of Mr. Beer HME (Pilot house pilsner)
    6. 2 tsp of Simcoe hopps on cooling
    7. Yeast: Belgian Siason 
    I am planning on letting it ferment for 2 week and then carbonating for the next week. Should be ready by the end of January.

    My Expectation:
    1. Full body
    2. Malty
    3. About 6-7% ABV
    4. Aromatic.

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Secret Santa - You are awesome.

         Santa Claus,
         North Pole

    Dear Santa,
                       I love beer and I would like to have unlimited supply of beer.
                       (Edit: 1) I love beer and I would like my own beer.
                       (Edit: 2) I got a beer making kit for my anniversary, I would like to get some malt extracts
                       (Edit: 3) I have a beer kit and some malts, I would like to read up on making beer, improving taste  and some tasty recipes.


    Thanks DEGAN for:
    The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

    Clovey - The Unbrew!

    "Too much flavor spoils the beer"

    I started with a Pilsner malt extract and I added lot of cloves to get a superior spicy flavor.  The clove addition would have definitely kicked some ass but I guess I added a little too much.  I also added a light malt extract to increase the alcohol content but I guess I added the yeast too early and it died.  This is definitely an Unbrew.
    Here is what not to do -
    1. Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner UME and HME
    2. 1/2 lb of Light Malt Extract
    3. Hops (I dont remember the name)
    4. Urquell  Lager Yeast.

    Since this pilsner is out, I am brewing another pilsner.  Hope the next one turns out better.

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Hoppy Santa

    (Wheat Beer)
    Finally I have all the ingredients.  I hope to have the wort in the fermenter tonight.

    I am going to twist flavor in many ways.  Basically its a wheat beer.  To improve the wheat beer taste I am adding coriander and orange juice. By adding German Wheat Yeast I am trying to give it a sharp tart crispness, fruity flavor.  With centennial hops I am hoping to improve the aroma and bitter taste. Finally to give it barrel taste I am adding roasted oak wood.   I hope the all the flavors come together to get the perfect taste.

    - Whispering Wheat Weizenbier HME
    - 3 TSP of Coriander
    - 1/2 cup of OJ
    - 1 TSP Bitter Orange Peel
    - 3 TSP of Hops
    - 1/2 cup of Oak chips

    (First Tasting - 12/6/2010)
    Wheat with coriander flavor is really promising.  It has turned out a little more bitter than I had anticipated.  Overall the taste is refreshing.  At the moment alcohol content is low.

    (Ready to bottle - 12/13/2010)
    Alright, I guess its about time.

    (Ready to drink - 12/25/2010)
    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    I opened the first bottle yesterday and it turned out to be good.  Add a slice of orange and the taste improved  few times.  The barrel flavor hasn't come out as expected but the orange and coriander brings out the taste in the wheat malt.

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Desi Daru Brewery

    This anniversary (2010) Manali got me an interesting gift - Mr. Beer brewing kit.  I love beer and the idea of brewing my own beer took me by storm and I decided to brew my first beer - "Ginger Peace".  Before the beer was in the fermenter, I had already named my brewery - Desi Daru. 

    The name comes from India and it literally means "Country Liquor".  The local brewery (or bar) in India brews its own beer with all types of "special" and "regular" ingredients. This liquor not just found in rural areas but it’s quite common in major cities as well. With Desi Daru you can get the best kick and the worst Hangover.

    My beer is all about taste.  With each brew I hope to improve the taste and move slightly away from main stream.  My audience is you guys and I hope you all get to taste the beer.  Please remember to post your comments and suggestions. 

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Ginger Peace

    Ginger Peace (Pale Ale)

    Ginger Peace is my first brew.  This is a pale ale with ginger taste.  Adding ginger was something I found on the internet.  

    - Pale Ale HME
    - Tea Spoon of Ginger
    - Two gallons of distilled water. 
    - 7 Days in fermenter
    - 5 Days carbonation
    - Ready for Thanksgiving
    First bottle opened.

    Rishi, first taster.
    - The taste was perfect but need more carbonation.
    - The amber color is perfect.
    - Bitterness between 3-5
    - Ginger hint
    - Everyone one liked it.
    - This was a good brew, gives me inspiration to brew more.